Regain focus with Active Medication

We’ve all heard of breathing techniques, a few minutes of meditation or even matching a motivational video to get your brain back to focus. I’m going to offer a new tool to the Focus Tool Kit. Check out this vid and let me know what you think

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The Insane Power of Volunteerism – TEDxTalk

“I want to give back to the community. Where do I start?”   If there is anything I get asked super super often, is the question above. Ok, actually, it’s more like this:   “Yo dude, I want to volunteer and do something for charity. You know something I can get involved with?”   And…

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Awesome Bizdads Make Great Leaders

I thought I was a pretty awesome leader back in the day… until I had my son. Not to say i was a terrible leader, but being a dad helped me realize the leadership skills i have been avoiding to develop all these years.

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