ABD8 – The importance of congruency at home and at work – with ImpactBuddha, Yuri Elkaim

Happy new year to you all! Hope your holidays were as nuts and loving as mine! Filled with rambunctious kids , lovers’ quarrels and laughter!

Now…I wanted to start the very first show in 2018 with someone wh has done it all. Of course, a bizdad that came from job dissatisfaction..or really, what I call purpose degradation…which is when you feel the most important of you, your destiny, your calling… slowly fading away…and you know… you gotta do something about it. He’s been through some serious health challenges through all this, he’s crushing it right now..like CRUSHING IT! But this is just the tip of the icebery. The real value here is what Yuri has learnt as he focuses on being an awesome dad and how it transports into having a company and leading a team. One of them is about congruency. What you do versus what you say. It’s amazing how congruency and consistency impacts how we connect, inspire and move ourselves, family members and our team at work.

Listen now!

In addition to this awesome lesson, I also learnt include:

  • How kids are essential life’s best daily personal development seminar
  • A real life transition of job to business to finding the best way to work from home
  • Some simple rules to ensure presence and connection with your kids
  • How to talk about and handle money with your kids
  • Several important steps to start a business while having a job and then going full-time
  • How fatherhood makes him a stronger entrepreneur


About Yuri

He’s a husband and father of 3 boys! I’m sure some of you can relate to the three boys part! He is the founder of Yuri Elkaim Health and Fitness Brands and most recently, founder of HeatlhPreneur Group, committed to serving visionary health and fitness entrepreneurs who are serious about expanding their reach, growing their online platform, with a massive goal of collectively impacting 1 billion people in this world while building a more profitable and sustainable business. It gets better. He’s a New York Times Best-Seller, Wall Street Journal Best Seller and USA Today Best Seller…no small feat…which of course leads to being featured on the Dr. Oz Show, AskMen and so many other health and men’s related media channels.






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