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If you’ve been waiting for the right message worded in just the right away to hit you where you need to be hit, then this is the interview for you! Trefor Munn-Venn drops some seriously well-articulated knowledge bombs and truly speaks to what this show is all about! Fatherhood, entrepreneurship, masculinity, relationships and self-care. In this show, I learn
** Understanding who is truly counting on you
** Stealing time and dealing with consequences
** How crisis is mostly ego…and how we want to avoid it
** Subscribing to your own lessons
** How Trefor went from 100 hours to 50 hours a week..cold turkey
** How leaving your home stuff at home is bullshit
** The true impact of feeling a disconnect with your child or wife…
** The real reason why business owners feel lonely
** What is the greatest INHERITANCE we pass onto our children
** What happened when Trefor reached out to his business partner and brother for help…
** How to reconnect with your family
** How people are when you are early in your jounrey…and how they are when your are close to reaching your goals…and what matters about this
** A few questions to ask yourself knowing you only have one shot at life
** Consequences of being a passive dad (simple, yet mind-blowing!!)
** The difference between connecting and in connection!
** The idea of moments
Trefor Munn-Venn, aka ConnectionBuddha, is the Co-Founder of Rhapsody Strategies, a company that works with leaders and organizations across North America and internationally to transform their performance. As a trained and certified professional business coach, he has worked with some of the most innovative and challenging organizations in the world, including the G8, APEC, the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe, the African Union and many others. Previously, Trefor held the position of Director, National Security & Public Safety for The Conference Board of Canada. Trefor is also one of a handful of Canadians to win a Webby Award — the Oscars of the Internet.
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