Men just need a place...

Off of social media...

where NOBODY knows who they are...

to open up and share ...

something PRIVATE...

that excites them or scares them!



  • Business

    We just completed a large series A raise. Am I excited? Absolutely. Am I scared? Absolutely. But what do I know about scaling? I’m just a programmer turned entrepreneur.

  • Self-Care

    I’ve been riddled with anxiety for years now and it’s hit me hard in my 40’s. My joints are hurting. I’m always tired and now I’m onto 5 cups of coffee a day. And I feel like crap because I know I’m not quite there with my daughters.

  • Fatherhood

    My second business just failed. My first one was a huge success. Now I find myself at home but feeling more disconnected than expected. My girls are now 12 and 14 years old and I feel as though I do not know them.

  • Intimacy/Relationship

    I’m struggling in my marriage. We don’t know what to say to each other. There’s nothing happening in bed. And when something does happen, it feels really blah. We’re both not into it. In fact, it only happens after watching some steamy movie and it has nothing to do with each other.

MOST MEN are AFRAID to fully share what they are FEELING INSIDE.

It's why our community is INVITE-ONLY and ANONYMOUS.

Here is what it looks like on the inside!

How is it Anonymous?

Please also check the Rules and Opportunities of the Dojang below.

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Note 1: Please allow us 12 hours to send out the official invitation into the Dojang

Note  2: if you feel you are in serious danger to yourself or others, please call for emergency and get professional help.

Why the DudeBuddha Community?

The Within War

Despite a growing number of men who are opening up vulnerably about some of their deepest struggles and insecurities, MOST MEN are still not ready and may not do so for the rest of their lives. They are at war within themselves - as they've hidden and even drowned out so much insecurity, conflict, sadness and anger in order to protect themselves from losing their leadership influence.


Fatherhood and Mental Health are among few things that equalizes men.


  1. The first sign we know something is "off" is when the little voice in our heads starts to create doubt in your head. You know deep inside, something is brewing.
  2. The second sign ... well, at this point, you KNOW that "off" thing is real. You might start feeling it physically. You might start to feeling it emotionally. Sex. Strength. Stress. It all starts to creep in.
  3. The search - when you were searching, secretly, for answers. You may half open up to some friends. But there is something holding you back.
  4. The CrossRoads - Men have come to  this point. One path leads to a life with great health challenges, mentally and physically. The other path is one where freedom has a chance. You choose.
  5. A Safe Space - When you finally found that safe space, you slowly share, receive, and grow as you overcome your challenges and find the tools, resources and community to support you in activating the joyful boy that has been sleeping inside of you.
  6. The Renaissance - You feel a sense of comfort within yourself. You feel deeply connected with yourself and thus with those who matter to you. You feel a responsibility to share and support others who are where you were not too long ago. You open up publicly. You understand the true power of vulnerability as a key to unlock the door that holds pain inside a fellow brother. You've joined the growing community of DudeBuddhas and begin to make the world a better place, one brother at a time.

With millions of men facing this, something I never thought or dreamt up on purpose, has now grown organically...purely out of this need. I'm grateful that you have come here to explore and invite you to check out what we've got here and if it feels right, please do consider applying to be part of our DudeBuddha Community.

The DudeBuddha Story


Note 1: Please allow us 12 hours to send out an official invitation into the Dojang.

Note 2: please note that if you feel you are in serious danger to yourself or others, please call for emergency)